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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Distress Signals

The universal distress signal is a pattern of three no matter if it's three blasts from a shotgun or rifle, three beats on a hollow log, or three whistle blasts.

S (...) O (---) S (...) is also a pattern of threes.

Having the ability to signal is essential to helping yourself out of a dangerous situation. Sometimes cell phones lose the signal, radios break up when you're out of range, signal mirrors only work if you can see the sky and the sun is out, flashlight bulbs break and batteries die, but whistles can keep tooting as long as you have breath.

I regularly bring at least three methods of signaling with me including a signal mirror, whistle, and LED flashlight with extra batteries.

All three items have their weaknesses but the coverage they provide gives me opportunity to succeed even if one fails.

I can also blow the whistle to signal audibly while using the flashlight or mirror to signal visually.

You can also use your firesteel or lighter to signal. Three fires signifies distress to aerial rescuers. Build them in a triangle several feet apart so they'll look like three smaller fires to a helicopter rather than a larger fire that is out of control. I don't advise you to use this method during a drought though or you may end up in the middle of a wildfire.

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At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Pablo said...

Its always good to know these. Well done Bri.

Interestingly in the Uk and some other European countries the distress signal is 6 short blasts or flashes continuous at one minute intervals.

At 4:15 PM, Anonymous said...

Very interesting Pablo, I had never heard about the pattern of six...


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