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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Is it Fall already?

The temperature seems to have fallen through the floor overnight.

We got up to mid-40s this morning. Woo-Hoo!

I'm really more a Fall kind of guy than I am a Summer guy so this is good news for me.

Football is on the television, hunting and trapping season is opening up, and I now have the opportunity to pull out my Filson and Swanndri gear (at least early in the morning and late at night.)

This, of course, means I can carry more gear with me every day because the jacket adds pockets and my Filson vests are usually overloaded because an empty pocket is simply an opportunity missed. :)

I am starting another blog as of this morning but it will be a few days before I'm ready to roll it out. Posts will be less frequent but each one will be skill or gear related and more "How To" type articles than reviews. This will, hopefully, be the final kick in the pants I need to get this book written.

I did wonder just what I was going to do with the time the kids were both in school other than work out and now I think I've nailed it down.

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