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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Conducting Raids into Enemy Territory

Today's been a busy day of strikes deep into enemy territory with, hopefully, heavy casualties on the other side.

I've been trying to eradicate the bees (yellowjackets specifically) and poison ivy from my yard.

I can immediately see the results of the strikes against the bees but the poison ivy takes weeks to see any real results.

The builders removed a section from each of the big vines growing up my trees but that left roots intact and able to send off dozens of shoots this spring. I mistakenly pulled them from the ground thinking that I'd removed the thread when it occurred to me that the big vine/root was what I needed to destroy if I was going to make any headway.

Using a custom Livesay RTAK I cut the tops off the vine stumps and sprayed them so the chemicals would feed deep into the root system. It's a nice warm, sunny day and perfect for this kind of application. In a week I'll do it all again to deliver the death blow (I hope.)

The bees are (um, were) situated right over a door and were harassing people coming into the house and they had to go.

I am declaring this battle an early success. Whether or not I win this war is yet to be seen...

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At 9:41 AM, Anonymous said...

You cannot ultimately win over mother nature. One day the bees will be back. You will be gone. The smart money is on trying to strike a balance and live within nature's framework rather than trying to defeat it


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