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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Working the Edge

Recently I wrote about having some sharpening problems with a knife. Here's another one I'm having some trouble with right now. This is my well-used and well-loved Fallkniven F1 and the part of the edge that gives me fits is marked by the black Sharpie near the edge. The mark went all the way to the edge before I started working backward from the strop to 1000-grit paper to 600-grit paper and back up and I'm still fighting with a wire edge in that spot that just won't give up the ghost.

Of course it's not in a spot that is going to prevent me from using the knife. The tip and most of the edge is razor sharp and continues to hold up well. This 1-inch section of the edge just refuses to get sharp.

Today I plan to work that edge until it either breaks off the wire edge or breaks down. Either way it's going to require some more sharpening.

Once upon a time I felt that I could sharpen anything to a razor's edge and now a knife or two have me scratching my head. I don't deal with frustration especially well so this is just one of those obstacles for me to tackle.

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At 9:24 AM, Blogger American Bushman said...

Finally got it done. It took only a few minutes and now it's razor sharp again.

I had to go back to 600-grit and really work the edge but now the rolled section is gone.

Refined with 1000-grit it took a nice polish and then a few minutes on the strop to really smooth things out and we're rolling.



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