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Thursday, October 02, 2008

State of the Yard

With temperatures hovering around 40° last night we've nearly seen the end of the mosquitoes (we saw just two last night at soccer practice and neither of them had any interest in us.) The chipmunks and squirrels are busily storing acorns for the winter and they seem to be tearing up the yard at an alarming rate. The bucks who were everywhere eating acorns seem to have holed up for the colder weather.

With the dropping nighttime temperatures we've started closing up the house and I find the lack of fresh air (even frigid fresh air) to be a little too stifling and sleeping through the night is difficult if not impossible.

Tonight I'm pulling out the wool blankets and I'm going to sleep on the porch. I've had the blankets hung up in the basement for about a month to get some of the stuffy basement storage smell out of them so they should be ready to go.

I'd take it all the way outside but tonight's forecast calls for 40° and rain--hypothermia weather and the uncontrollable shivering would ruin the good night's sleep I'm seeking. :)

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