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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busse NMFBM Sheath from JRE Industries

The kids and I spent the afternoon down at JRE Industries with Dan and Spen and their kids while Spen whipped up this gorgeous sheath for my new NMFBM from Busse Combat. The knife and sheath are both something to behold separately and, together, are truly magnificent.

Out of the sheath the NMFBM dwarfs the Victorinox Farmer and Firesteel dropped behind it. In the sheath it's as sleek as a sports car and you can sense that it's desperate to get out and tear up whatever you lay in front of it. Practical? Nope. But neither is a Maserati or, perhaps more appropriately, a Hummer--one that doesn't run on gas.

You can see the firesteel loop Spen has incorporated into the belt loop at the top of the sheath. This allows the firesteel to ride horizontally out of the way of snags in the field while still being readily available when needed. I will be fitting my firesteel into the loop before bedtime tonight. EDIT: This is NOT a firesteel loop per the original design. It fits a firesteel perfectly but that feature was unintended. I plan to carry one this way to see if it works as well in practice as it seems it would in theory.

The Mahogany leather is absolutely stunning in person and is even more beautiful than the Walnut color I am so fond of--another non-typical JRE color.

This sheath is both unique and comfortingly familiar at the same time. The lines are pure utility with just a flash of pizzazz.

Spen claims it took him three attempts to come up with this. If this sheath comes after two failed designs, I think those designs were worth the effort. This is pure art in my opinion. It's simple, utilitarian, and sexy (can I say that about a sheath?) all at the same time.

I really, really like this rig.

Spen, thanks for letting me breathe down your neck while you pulled this together. I am extremely satisfied with the final result and the turn-around time is absolutely unbeatable. Plus the kids had a blast playing while you worked and I watched. :)

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At 1:38 PM, Blogger Kirk said...

awesome article and an outstanding sheath!I just ordered one for my busse.Thank's Kirk


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