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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Mosquito Patch

I saw the Mosquito Patch on sale at Cabela's yesterday while the kids and I wandered the aisles. It's main/active ingredient is Vitamin B1 and it is supposed to do the same thing my ingestion of Vitamin B1 does--make you unappealing to female mosquitoes.

I wish I'd had the patch last week at soccer practice or that I'd taken regular doses of B1 this summer. The mosquitoes were thick and they were hungry.

These late-season mosquitoes have been really vicious this summer and leave welts that are larger and itch more than "regular" mosquito bites.

I really haven't found any hard evidence on the Internet pertaining to the use of Vitamin B1 to prevent mosquito bites but my own personal experience says that it either prevents bites or it so minimizes the swelling and itching of bite sites that it makes it seem like you're not getting bitten.

I still take Vitamin B1 after getting bitten to reduce the itching (I'm a scratcher) for a couple of days while the worst of the bites go down.

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