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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Socked In

Whew! There's not really much to report from here.

In between my hectic schedule (coming to an end with the passing of '07 thank goodness) and the weather there just isn't much going on here that'd be of much interest.

We've gone from one winter storm warning to the next with little reprieve and today we're going to get hit with the ice storm that put more than two inches of ice on Oklahoma. The rain started just about two hours ago and we're at 30 degrees (F) with the rain expected to keep falling throughout the day.

I haven't been out in months with the exception of a two-day bird hunt and I'm getting a bit of cabin fever already.

I can see animal tracks in the snow behind the house and know they're out there just a stone's throw away and soon I'll be able to get out there to find them in their homes much like they've found me in mine.

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