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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm a Spyder Man

That's right, I'm a Spyder Man.

I've been carrying a left-handed Spyderco Military since I got it in October from Knifeworks and have been using it quite a bit for the past four weeks. It's the S30V model with G10 handles and stainless liners.

Instead of the usual convex edge, I decided to maintain this knife on my Sharpmaker to get the full Spyderco experience.

In my job as a bartender, I've been opening and cutting down lots and lots of cardboard boxes. I like to cut the flaps off the cases as I move them from the storage closet into the refrigerator and then cut open cases of cans much like the 12-packs of soda where I can reach into the package and grab a can and go. This results in the occasional stabbed can.

I'm also slicing up lots of limes, lemons, and oranges.

I have made it a habit to take 5 strokes down each of the white stones once a week and the edge will still sail through the cardboard and it's toothy enough to make short work of the citrus peels.

Funny that a knife this big can be used so often around people and not draw a single comment but the Fallkniven F1 which is smaller would elicit plenty of comments about whether or not I was a serial killer or hunter or lumberjack...

I really do enjoy using a left-handed knife and the Military has really surprised me. I never thought I'd carry it because it's so big. I never thought I'd use it because I'd never carry it. Instead, I carry it and use it all the time and it has done a great job on everything I've needed so far.

Sure, I'm not taxing it much by opening boxes and slicing fruit but at least it's getting a regular workout and regular maintenance. That's really all I can ask for these days.

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