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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Building the Man Room (Day 1)

Today starts the development of my new "Man Room" in the basement.

I haven't had a basement in a long time and I'm taking full advantage of the fact that this one is both large and unfinished. It'll give me a place for my bushcraft books and videos, gear, and offer a place to hang out that's both warm in winter and cool in summer. It's a lookout basement so I'll have the ability to watch the woods from the comfort of a hammock while staying out of the elements.

It's not much to look at today but I did move the furniture out of the toy room upstairs and into the basement to make room for the new baby furniture and, rather than just store the furniture downstairs, I set it up like it was upstairs and used carpet remnants to keep things off the concrete.

Today the electrician is coming in to run some lines because I've got just one outlet in the entire basement and it's already being used. By the end of the day today I hope to be able to plug in and turn on the television and maybe even get rid of the 100 foot extension cord I've been using when I need to drag the wet/dry vacuum around the basement to suck up dried out salamanders, spiders, and construction debris.

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At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Anders said...

Everybody should have a "man room"!
I live in an apartemenet so my girlfriend has to put up with all my gear laying around all the time. She´s fine with it, lucky me!
But when I occupie the livingroom for a week when sewing a new tarp she gets i little bit grumpy...
I thought I would give you a tip for a great swedish website for DIYérs:
Many great projects and plans!
The guy who runs the site has the same name as I (it´s not mine).
The google translater is a blast, check out the "Horny tent" in the english version:-)
Hope you get my english!
Best regards
Anders from Sweden


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