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Friday, January 30, 2009

ML Knives Blog

Matt Lesniewski has started himself a blog and you can find it here.

Yesterday he wrote up a post on small, pocketable fixed blades (including a little Kephart) complete with a picture of a few small knives he's made.

I've been using Matt's Sodbuster/Kephart quite a bit lately and then I got a note from him yesterday afternoon and we got to talking.

I just searched the blog and it doesn't look like there's ever been a picture of this one so I'll have to do a write-up for you. It's not a standard pattern but combines the Sodbuster blade (a long time pocket companion of mine) with the Kephart handle and Dan and Spen did up a sheath combining rawhide (old school kydex) and leather that holds the knife securely and actually clicks when you insert the knife.

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'old school kydex' LOL


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