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Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Fallkniven Catalog

Looks like the 2009 Fallkniven Catalog is available for download here in five languages.

They've got some interesting stuff coming in 2009 including the 3G version of the Model F1 which I'll have to get my hands on.

There's the 25th Anniversary Knife (the HK9) coming in 3G and Cowry X.

They're offering the diamond plate sharpeners (D3 and D4) without the ceramic backing and with an adhesive back to stick just about anywhere (maybe on the back of the zytel sheath?)

I'm a little disappointed to see that they decided not to go with JRE Industries for the sheath on the 25th Anniversary model. I recommended them to Peter over a year ago and thought they'd be a perfect fit for such a project. Their quality is exceptional and their pricing is hard to beat making the value excellent.

Fortunately the after-market is still an option. If I pick up an HK9 I'll just have Dan and Spen make me a sheath and toss the OEM sheath in a box with the rest of my factory Fallkniven sheaths.

I just read this morning that the exchange rate between Sweden and Japan has caused price increases across the board for Fallkniven so this may be the time to get your hands on that blade you've been considering before the prices here jump.

I'm going to see if I can't find a 3G F1 or two and try to do a comparison between the laminated VG10 and laminated 3G. I've heard the 3G increases toughness and edge retention by a factor of 4. At 62 RC that'll be one hard edge but if it holds up I'll be duly impressed.

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