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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moving Kit Around

It's one of those days.

I'm working on tweaking my kit for day hikes, unplanned overnighters, and the miscellaneous campouts I might take. Today's focus is on sustenance.

I picked up these US Military Sustainment Pouches a while back from eBay and use them to carry my Swedish Army Trangia around with a few Clif Bars, some pouches of tuna and rice, and a few pieces of firestarting gear. Today I'm repacking them to include a US Military canteen cup and canteen.

This moves all of my food and water into a single pouch that will carry inside the pack (or in the trunk of the car) and provide me with what I need on a cold day like today. The Trangia has a drink pouch inside which has the fixins for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

To that, I add a few Clif Bars, a can of soup, and a small box of firestarting gear (i.e. fatwood, WetFire Tinder, matches, lighter, firesteel, cotton balls, etc.) which can be used to get a fire going once/if my fuel runs out.

Keeping the sustainment pouch down inside my bag keeps it warm enough that the canteen won't freeze and it makes sure I have some water for cooking/drinking when I do finally find the time to sit down and enjoy the outdoors. I've had hydration tubes freeze up on me on really cold days and Nalgene bottles freeze shut so having water I can get to that's cold but not frozen is a welcome treat.

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