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Friday, January 08, 2010

Fehrman Shadow Scout

As many of you know, I talk to Eric and Andy at Fehrman Knives on a semi-regular basis and I'm constantly bugging them to make me custom variations of their existing knives. Well, guess what? They've done it.

This is their Shadow Scout in a rough finish with their new BLAZE ORANGE SCALES which they'll offer as an upgrade on every knife in the lineup.

After getting my First Strike from them in this rough finish (basically an uncoated blade) I will probably order all future blades from them the same way. It gives them a rustic look while retaining most, if not all, of the performance characteristics I've come to expect. After a good beating they look tough.

This knife and the smaller Peace Maker come in a 3/16" thickness while the larger Survival Series (i.e. Last Chance, First Strike, Final Judgment, and Extreme Judgment) are from the thicker 1/4" stock. They're all 3V and they all cut for a long time while handling the roughest of jobs. I've beaten my thicker models and they keep on ticking. I've never even had to sharpen them. A quick stropping after use is all I've needed so far.

Once I get a chance to use this knife a bit more I'll give you my impressions of it. The handle isn't quite as comfortable, in my opinion, as the Survival Series but once I've had a chance to use it I'll have a much better idea of how it'll handle in the long run.

You can see, this handle is a bit different from traditional handles too so it's a player in the solution to my numb fingers problem and we'll see if that hooked butt end helps with my reduced grip strength.

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At 6:20 PM, Blogger Marvin8 said...

Did you ever do a follow-up to this preview?

At 6:30 PM, Blogger American Bushman said...

January 16th:







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