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Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you?

Eight years ago already...hard to believe.

I was sitting at work oblivious to any of the morning's activity. My wife and two month old daughter were in New York (upstate) and were supposed to be flying home later that day. Then I heard someone come in talking about how a plane had flown into one of the World Trade buildings...

My thoughts turned to some single engine plane and terrible pilot error. Terrible news but nothing to stop me from doing my job.

Then reports of a second plane hitting another of the towers...

Coincidence? Seemed highly unlikely. It was more like the plot of a movie.

Those moments are as clear in my memory today as they were as the events unfolded.

So much has much has been said and written...

I'll never forget.

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At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anders said...

The world will never be the same...
My prayers goes to the victims and for a more peacefull and tolerant world on a day like this.

Anders from Sweden

At 11:34 AM, Blogger J. J. Magnum said...

Brian I remember the day well. I was back in Central, SC. We were in the process of moving back to MI and I had a load in the truck ready to go. I woke up that morning with the phone ringing in my ear; the wife calling to tell me some idiot in an airplane hit the WTC, and turn on the TV! It was all a nightmare from then on.

A friend and I had scheduled lunch together (sort of a farewell lunch; we had worked together for 12 of my 15 years down there). We went ahead and met up. It was almost surreal to have town so quiet on a Tuesday. We parted and I went over to see my wife at her workplace. We decided that I should leave in the morning and not immediately.

You see I was moving my firearms collection in the back of the truck. This would be a straight through drive of about 13-14 hrs. The last thing I wanted was for the highway system to be shut down like the air-traffic system and get caught in some traffic checkpoint with a load of firearms... As you can recall I'm sure everyone was uncertain if this was the precurser to more attacks or were we at war with some foreign power. I guess the uncertainties were the worst.

Longer story shorter, I made it through the next day and waited it out for a couple of weeks up here until things quieted down a bit. I remember delivering into Detroit for my brother's business; it was really weird to see Metro airport with no flights coming in or going out.

No day in my lifetime compares with that one. My father would have said the same of Dec. 7...


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