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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stabbed! Twice!!

Well, I'm clearly doing something wrong this week. I've managed to stab myself TWICE in a matter of a few days.

First was in the stomach with a sharpened pry bar two days ago and today was with one of the 510s I've been sharpening.

The stomach stab was due to poor decision making as I tried to pull a ranger band off of the handle of a County Comm Pry Bar and I managed to snap it free only to jam the sharpened pry end into my stomach. Fortunately it didn't bite me too hard thanks to the layers I was wearing and some of the extra "insulation" I'm still carrying around.

Today I stuck the 510 in right between my thumb and index finger right into the webbing as I attempted to put the blade to a piece of worn 220-grit belt that I'm using to flatten the bevels. I stuck it right in, felt the pain, and then bled a bit before deciding that I should probably hang it up for the day. :)

So I'm going to take the kids out to the pool for dinner and swimming...

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