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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fallkniven Stones (DC3 and DC4)

Some of you may have gotten one of the more recent stones like I have. One of my DC3s came with the ceramic about 1/8" too short on both ends and there were saw marks (like concentric circles) on the ceramic side that gave it a sort of serrated appearance. This makes it VERY hard to get a clean edge on the finish side.

Here's a quick trick to fix the texture problem.

If you've got another Fallkniven stone just rub the rough ceramic side on the diamond plate in a circular motion (like you're lapping a water stone) and use plenty of water. Don't push down too hard and be patient. In just a couple of minutes you'll have smoothed out the ceramic side and it'll also open the pores of the material to really help with your final sharpening.

I tried lapping the ceramic on a piece of worn sanding belt over glass but the ceramic is too hard for anything but diamond.

It seems like it cleaned up the diamond plate too.

At first I was really disappointed with the quality of the last batch of stones but in my small handful I received one that was a problem and one more with an ill-fitting ceramic side. The lapping fix took care of the functional problem so the rest is purely aesthetic.

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At 3:49 PM, Blogger Perkunas said...


i have too the dc3,and i really like it a LOT,it makes a nice edge to almost any plain edged knife.
BUT i too had a little problem,not dead serious but still.On my dc2 i couldnt get the lanyard ring into its hole in the sharpener cause the ceramic stone was glued in a way that it blocked the lanyard hole totally and it took me about an hour with expensice ceramic drillbit to grind away this blocking stone,but after that it has been my favourite.

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Brian said...

It must have been a bad batch recently then. My new DC4 also has a covered up lanyard hole (but I'm not even going to try and fix it) and the ceramic face has the concentric blade/cut marks too. I actually called the online store I bought it from to ask about the overall quality because the ceramic side is not even square to the diamond side, it bizarrely curves off like a warped piece of wood. The ceramic surface is totally flat, but the too long sides are curved. It functions perfectly but continuous bugs me to look at :)


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