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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Camp

So the kids are both at summer camp this week. The camp takes place in the same woods where I used to play all the time so I know the area VERY well and can talk with the kids at length about what they saw during the day. This is good.

Laura (8) is doing a natural history themed camp where they are discussing the voyageurs and Native American life and Jake (6) is doing more nature exploration (plants, animals, etc.) and the projects they come home with are fantastic.

Yesterday, Laura's class made darts and played a game that would have been played by the youth to train them for hunting with projectiles so we started to talk about the atlatl and I went into the garage to fish out my darts. We threw them because the thrower was in the house but they all got the idea that I would have been an awesome hunter "back in the day" if I had been around because I could throw the darts all the way into the neighbor's yard and stick it into the ground.

Accuracy was not a concern for them thankfully. LOL!

Anyway, now I've got the kids in the neighborhood wanting to make their own atlatl darts and I'm going to clear it with their parents first (sharpened bamboo is NOT something to be taken lightly) and then we can move forward.

Maybe I'll use my freshly tuned 510 to do the bamboo cutting when it comes time to finish their practice darts.

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At 1:24 PM, Anonymous said...

These are the times they will always remember - and pass to their own when the time comes.

This reminds me how important play is, not only socially but in preparation to be the "mighty hunter" in life, who brings home the meat to feed his family.

Are you going to post on how you make your darts?


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