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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Wilderness Skills Weekend

Indian Orchards & Briar Patch Outdoor Training are co-hosting a Wilderness Skills Weekend in Byron, MI August 28-30.

They'll be offering lots of hands on classes including plant identification, cordage and rope skills, shelters, traps, fire making, tools, primitive weapons, and kids programs.

There'll be camping sites available on the 27th after 5pm for setup and costs are broken down per day or by the weekend as follows:

Adults $20/day OR $50/weekend
Kids $10/day OR $25/weekend
Family $50/day OR $125/weekend

Classes begin at 10am Friday and end at 1pm on Sunday. There's also a potluck dinner on Sunday after the class at 2pm.

For more information or to register, call Ricci at (810) 449-7656 or George at (989) 288-0168.

I'm going to move some things around and try like heck to get up there and bring Jake and Laura. That's the first weekend after school starts so they'll probably be itching to take a break from the new routine and get back to getting dirty outside.

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At 3:35 PM, Anonymous George Hedgepeth said...

Thanks for posting this Brian! We have a guest instructor coming in to do survival bows...


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