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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Koster W&SS Necker Follow-Up

Here are some pictures of the Dan Koster W&SS Neck Knife I received last week. I've been using it in place of my pocket knife ever since and it has done a fantastic job.

The knife as received:

You can see that it will shave and carve fuzzies with the best of 'em.

I wrapped the handle with orange paracord, the sheath with black paracord, and then covered the sheath cordage with a ranger band.

With a Victorinox Spartan for size comparsion:


This knife really disappears into a pocket and it cuts like a dream. I've used it for all sorts of daily tasks from trimming my nails to opening letters and packages to cutting down charcoal bags to use as firestarter down the road. I've shaved fuzz sticks from a seasoned piece of birch and plenty of fatwood while sitting in the driveway or on the front porch with the kids. I've even used it for food prep. The 1/8" thick stock is a real treat.

The knife has been nicely rounded to prevent hot spots even in the skeletonized version and I found it a real pleasure to use while working wood where I'm using a bit firmer grip than I need in the kitchen or during most cutting chores. The cordage provides an improved grip and, of course, gives it a stylish flair.

For more information on the knife and it's origins look HERE.

For the way I carry and use a knife, this really fits into my lifestyle. I've got one with the green canvas micarta handle that I'm setting up with a neck-based kit and Dan's working on one for my son to prevent him from stealing this one down the road.

Thanks for reading,



At 9:58 PM, Anonymous tenkara said...

Gee... Thanks for the post big guy. Now it'll be even harder to get another one down the road! ;)

At 9:09 AM, Blogger American Bushman said...


Hey, I think he's all tapped out on blanks for the necker. You may only be able to get them on the secondary market as of now anyway.

If you don't already have one coming you should definitely have a look around for one.

Email Dan though as he may be doing another run down the road if he is out.


At 7:47 PM, Anonymous tenkara said...

Yeah, I already have one with the green micarta. Unfortunately, my money is currently tied up or I would have gone ahead and pounced on another one. A second run sounds promising!


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