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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Koster W&SS Necker

I had the good fortune to snag an "extra" blade from Dan Koster's recent run of neck knives for the Wilderness & Survival Skills sub-forum at Bladeforums.

I had an opportunity to use the skeleton blade yesterday and it's very comfortable in the hand, extremely sharp, and the ergonomics were very good. It's kind of like a paring knife or a fixed blade Swiss Army Knife (SAK) in size, shape, and use. In other words, a utility piece with fantastic cutting ability.

I saw this as an excellent launching point for a neck-based survival kit or the ultralight last-ditch setup you always have with you.

1/8" thick 3V Steel
6.5" OAL
2 7/8" Blade Length
1.85 oz. (53 g) Knife Weight
2.55 oz. (72 g) Knife in Sheath

Today I'm going to build up a kit around this knife that can be worn on the neck and I'm going to use my numerous MBHanzo survival rigs as a basis for which items should be included.

Up first, finding a Ranger Band (innertube) that will fit over the sheath...

I'll have some pictures and another write-up when I'm finished.

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