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Saturday, May 30, 2009


I'd like to discuss tracking today and I don't mean the kind where you're following an animal's sign to determine where it may have gone and what it may have done. I'm talking specifically about how a knife follows the path you're trying to follow.

My tracking superstar is my newest Spyderco Delica with green G10 handles. I think maybe it's a Delica IV (4) but don't know for sure. The point is modified from the original design and the new tip tracks exactly where I want it. I've used this knife extensively since receiving it and can't find a single thing to complain about.

I use it when doing detail cutting as I know it's going to go where I expect and want it to go without missing a beat. I use it to cut drywall, I use it when cutting tape off of wooden parts to assemble new furniture, and I use it cutting leather for strops. This knife would excel at field dressing and skinning game.

I can choke up on the knife and put my index finger immediately behind the tip on the spine but control isn't compromised when holding the knife back entirely on the handle. That says A LOT about a knife.

I've finally worn down the edge enough to need maintenance and this knife has taken a BEATING! VG-10 does okay. :)

I've got another one up for sale on the Bushman Sale page on JRE but I'm having second thoughts. I LOVE this knife.

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