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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dream Products

While I'm dreaming up my Top 10 list I've been thinking about pieces of gear I own that I'd like to see slightly modified to be my ultimate and the two that really jump to the front of my mind are both by Fallkniven.

First, I'd like to see them add a larger stone to the lineup. A DC5. It'd fit into a kit still but it would also be more substantial. More surface area means easier sharpening (for me anyway) and it shouldn't be that hard to increase the size of the DC4 by an inch. (Not that I really have any clue how they're manufactured or how easy/difficult it is to change the dimensions.)

Second, I'd like a larger F1. The same knife with an extra inch of blade length. That would make the blade around 4.8" and the handle could be lengthened slightly to maintain the proper proportions and balance. Make it out of 3G and I'd be dancing in the streets.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my F1 and DC4/DC3 and wouldn't trade them for the world but slightly larger versions of those two bits of kit would be superb stuff.

What would you like to see?

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Edit to Add:

Some folks ask me why I link to and write about JRE Industries so often and I think this has something to do with it. First, they're my friends. Second, when they show me one of their new products and give me an opportunity to use it, they will listen to my feedback and sometimes incorporate it into the final product.

When a manufacturer listens to the customer and makes changes to improve the form and/or function of an existing design that means an awful lot to me and I want to let others know who the good guys are.


At 8:36 AM, Anonymous James in Indy said...

I'd like to see more multipurpose gear:

A knife with a small LED in the handle angled so you can see what you're cutting - and a firesteel either integrated into the sheath or that screws out of the handle itself (the Sparky 4 at is almost there).

A trekking pole with a storage compartment for fishing gear and eyelets already attached to it can be used as a pole.

On the more primitive side - I'm working on an atlatl that doubles as a fire's not a tough design to DIY.

Oh...and a wad of cash that can withstand the abuse my gear addiction dishes out.

At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Pablo said...

So true about the manufacturer listening. DDhammocks are the same over here. Great guys to do business with.

At 2:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree about the F1. It's such a great design but needs a little more in the blade and especially the handle. My two favorite Fallknivens are a micarta F1 and the Idun. Both are short on handle length but have excellent blade geometry. Those of us with hands on the large side notice the short handles right away.
I hope Fallkniven fixes this soon.


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