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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Green Pharmacy

Ever since I finished the Herbal Preparations Class put on by Briar Patch and The Mustard Seed I've been reading the books on George's suggested reading list and one in particular, "The Green Pharmacy" by James A. Duke, PhD and to say I've been blown away might be an understatement.

Garlic (Allium sativum,) also known as Russian Penicillin, has antibiotic, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties that make it a powerful companion at home and in the woods. I took garlic oil pills all last summer in an attempt to deter ticks and it did that job plus, looking back, I spent all (if not most) of the summer free from illness and I wonder if that had something to do with the consumption of garlic on a daily basis.

There are herbs that can cross the blood-brain barrier and, according to Dr. Duke, be applied in the form of a decoction or infusion to your shampoo, and potentially help with the symptoms of Alzheimers. Don't believe me? Get the book from the library and give it a look.

I've been using the Plantain and Thyme balm we made at the class for a tear in the bottom of my foot and it's been working wonders. I've always had problems when my feet get wet and it's still early in the barefoot season and one misstep during a rain storm left me with this little gift that keeps reminding me of its presence when I walk.

The thyme is antiseptic and antibiotic so it'll help fight off infection while the plantain Plantago major speeds repair of the damaged tissue while also preventing inflammation and providing antibacterial protection. The balm base is simply bees wax and olive oil mixed in a ration to suit the user. The base is moisturizing the surrounding skin while the herbs go to work and in a single day I've actually seen an improvement.

If you can get this book at the library, give it a look, if you cannot, it's still worth the cover price (or give it a look at your local bookstore.) It's been quite an eye-opener.

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At 8:00 AM, Anonymous James in Indy said...

Awesome post. I'm headed out to the woods for this afternoon for a 3-day rematch with God (where T-storms are predicted 2 of the 3 days), but since my hiking/camping buddy has a tick-phobia I'm grabbing garlic pills on the way out. As soon as I get back, I'm picking up the Green Pharmacy book too.

Click on my name below to read my blog from my first match with God this time last year. I've learned a lot since then, but I have a feeling I'm about to get my butt kicked again.

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous George Hedgepeth said...

What is the specific nature of your foot issue? Call me...

Herbs can indeed work, and they can fail. Do your research, and be sceptical. Do not WISH yourself into seeing things. If you do this, the PROOVEN results you get will be dependable.

Everyone is different- lots of folks like jewel weed for poison ivy- it does not help me. I know it works for others. So, I found alternatives that work for ME.

PS- James Duke is super cool! ;^)

At 3:38 PM, Blogger sam_acw said...

I shall be on the lookout for this one. Thanks for posting it!


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