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Monday, October 13, 2008

Natural Camouflage

Yesterday afternoon we spent some time working on firestarting before the kids got bored and ran off to play with the hose and the neighborhood kids. I tended the fire feeding it fallen branches and firewood from the pile.

While I was sitting there, smelling of smoke, I decided to see if natural camouflage was as effective as the high-dollar gear available at the outdoor stores today. The back yard was muddy because of the running hose and there was plenty of charcoal and ash from the firepit so I went to work getting dirty.

I crushed charcoal in my hand and then rubbed my hands together and randomly applied it to my face, arms, hands, and legs and then scooped up a couple of fingers of mud at a time and hit other random spots. I must have looked quite the mess sitting there.

I began to understand the Tom Brown theory that the more natural material you put on the more you will blend in with your surroundings. I moved into the cluster of trees at the back of my property to see if my new camouflage job would work and, sure enough, within minutes I had a squirrel hop right past me while looking for acorns.

Around dusk, the mosquitoes came out strong and heavy. I've seen folks use charcoal and/or mud to protect themselves from biting insects in the past so I thought I'd see how my natural covering would work out.

Maybe I did it wrong to prevent bug bites but I've got maybe a dozen bites on my legs and I know I had one or two on my hands that I treated on the spot with some broadleaf Plantain.

Adding a shower to the mud room on the new house was part of the plan for just the kind of day I had today. The stuff I had to rinse off last night when I came in would have caused more than a little pain for me had I trekked it through the house. :)

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