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Friday, October 10, 2008

FFBM Spoon Carving Update

Carving a spoon with a knife this big and thick is not easy but it's getting done. I've taken two days off but today the sun was out and gave me an opportunity to snap a picture for you.

You can see the pencil lines on my spoon blank where I still need work but you can also get a sense of how this monster chopper has worked at shaping the handle and bowl so far. I choke way up and use the tip of the blade in the palm of my hand for most of the detail work. The humps on the spine of the knife are a right royal pain and I would grind them down if I didn't have a custom fitted sheath from Survival Sheath Systems for it already.

The blade thickness (.32") is also a difficulty but that much spine in the palm makes it a bit easier to get leverage for power cuts when needed. The edge has been heavily modified from the factory edge but it will still require more work to really get the most out of this blade. The convexed edge is extremely sharp but transitions too quickly into the massively thick blade. One of these days I'll strip the coating and grind back the edge a bit to improve this knife's performance even more.

I will use a spoon knife/hook knife to shape the inside of the bowl when it comes time but I'm waiting to do that until I don't mess up the blank. :)

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