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Friday, August 08, 2008

New JRE SwissTool Sheath

One of the benefits of running down to JRE Industries so often to drop off gear for the big sale is the ability to see new products as they're coming out of the shop. This is one of those projects that really struck me as I carry a SwissTool every day and the nylon sheath on mine was really looking pretty ragged.

I lost a Leatherman Wave a few years back because the factory sheath fell apart and I wish I'd had a rig like this. The silver lining to that accident was the discovery of the SwissTool--a far superior multi-tool in my opinion.

One of the great features on this sheath is the double belt clip/loop which allows carry with or without a belt. I like to wear my belt through the loop and don't find the clip to be a problem at all and, on the rare occasion when I'm without my belt, I can still clip the sheath to my shorts and have my SwissTool handy.

The sheath is made of nice heavy leather and should wear well to develop plenty of character after a few trips into the woods. The stitching, as always, is nice and even and they've finished all of the edges including the one at the mouth of the sheath. The snap is nice and tight and I have no concerns about it coming loose like my Leatherman snap did. And, even if it did, I am pretty sure the boys at JRE Industries carry the SwissTool at a pretty competitive price.

I don't know what these are going to run as I snagged Spen's right off his belt. I'm sure if you dropped them an email I'm sure they could quote you a price and delivery time.

The only suggestion I'd make would be to offer these with a firesteel loop option. I think with a SwissTool and firesteel on your belt you'd be equipped for an unplanned night in the woods.

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