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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thinning Out / Gearing Up

Going through the boxes and bins (and packs and kits) to find the gear I really, really want to keep has been painful and beneficial at the same time. I'm getting rid of excess kit, bringing in money to do this machete project my way, and clearing out space in the basement.

I've had to drop off knives and other gear that I've had and used extensively however and that part's quite difficult. I saw the Aurora go already. That knife has been all over and done so many things with me. I remember the conversation with Mike Stewart when I ordered it so many months before the production run. I had been involved in the testing process with various prototypes and knew this was going to blow the Northstar right out of the water when it came out. For me it did.

As I sit surrounded by my gear I begin to think about taking a trip here or there to get out and use some of this stuff again. I'm going to try and do three days next week with a minimal load. It should help convince me that getting rid of the excess is the right thing to do.

I'm curious to see what ends up in my pack when the dust has finally settled.

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