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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ah...Now I See...

I spent most of the day with the kids down at the new Cabela's today.

We walked, and walked, and walked some more.

We saw them feed the fish in the massive fish tanks. Catfish just cruise around the bottom and suck up those little minnows like some sort of aquatic vacuum cleaner.

We shot at the shooting gallery (light-activated targets) and Laura and I both got perfect scores. Jake hit a bunch but his scorer just didn't work.

The kids got some new clothes out of the trip and I picked up four kinds of fudge for Christine (and the kids...and me.)

We managed to avoid picking up any new gear but I did get to spend some time playing with bunking cots that each support up to 400 pounds and the concept around the house is sound. I could get a set or two of these to have for when too many guests stay over and room is scarce (hard to imagine in the new house for those who've been here I know...) I don't think they'd work too well for camping as the legs on the bottom unit would sink in all but the hardest soil once you had a couple of adults bunked for the night.

We ate in the cafe. They serve mostly game meat and options included wild boar brats, ostrich roast, and duck hot wings. The kids opted for more "traditional" fare like nachos with chili and cheese and frozen slushies. They apparently will do carry out and catering too. Pricing for the game meat is by the pound and available frozen and ready to eat.

The kids gave me EXACTLY two minutes in the gun room where I saw my future L.C. Smith side by side was still in the case and the price was still through the roof. I also so a lever-action Winchester 1892 (I think) for a measly $23,000. That's right, I could buy a car for that much and it's probably not safe to shoot.

We ran down there so I could drop off another VERY heavy bin of stuff for Dan and Spen to get posted. (I think if they'd known how extensive this sale was going to be when they volunteered to take care of it they might have kept their offer to themselves.) :D

Dan and Spen, if you read this I really do appreciate all the work you've done so far and will continue to do. I can't promise that we're at the bottom of the bins yet but we're at least half way. LOL!

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