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Monday, July 07, 2008


Bananas are one of the foods I like to eat in any weather and any environment because of their sweetness, their high Potassium content, and the fact that they travel in their own wrapper. I used to eat them while cycling because they were easy to peel, easy to chew and swallow, helped stave off cramps, and the peel could be left by the side of the road where it would quickly return to the soil.

Interestingly, just as I start cycling again, I start really eating bananas again. Also, Green Deane from Eat The Weeds posts a video on YouTube about bananas here:

I found out quite a bit I didn't know about bananas just from watching.

Give it a look.

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At 6:26 AM, Anonymous SurvivalTopics.como said...

Indeed, bananas are one of nature's perfect foods. Tasty, nutritious, easy to carry, relatively inexpensive. A real winner for active people.


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