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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Back in the Saddle (Again)

Well I finally did it. I managed to get my mountain bike down off the wall and take Jake out for a ride.

Traffic over the weekend has been atrocious because of the festivals that take place here in the village and driving is just out of the question.

I had so much fun that I took him out again yesterday for a little ride that lasted more than two hours with stops at the various local parks and the pool. Apparently that wore him out because he fell asleep for a while at the pool and has slept soundly since we put him to bed last night.

Did you ever do too much too soon before? Let me tell you that the legs may remember how to pedal efficiently but the muscles are NOT ready for such a strain so soon. My legs are heavy and sore today and getting up the stairs is a bit of a chore.

The best way I know to work out the kinks is to go for another ride. This time I'll gear it down and bring the cadence up to flush all the bad stuff out of my legs.

I used to be a hard core cyclist (road and mountain) and could certainly see how a mountain bike could help me get quicker into country that others wouldn't hike but that sort of place is scarce around here. The improvements to my fitness and strength will be welcome additions to my "bag of tricks" however so I plan to continue riding as long as the kids will humor me.

With gas at an all time high the decision to ride my bike instead of drive could also free up more money for gear and knives that I don't need. :)

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