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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Respect Mother Nature

We experienced Mother Nature's fury yesterday as a violent thunderstorm rolled through the neighborhood flooding the street and sending a river (pictured) of overflow between our house and the neighbors'. Within 20 minutes the water at the street was probably 8" deep and running fast.

Despite the lightening I ran out to save several recycling bins which were being carried away down the street by the current. The contents of those bins would otherwise clog the drains and cause even more flooding so it was imperative that they be rescued before dumping those contents into the street.

I managed to shoot plenty of photos and video which I'll get uploaded here once I'm sure the camera is dried out. The ferocity of the storm was truly impressive and I had quite an adrenaline rush just being out there.

As you may know, standing in water holding an electronic device during a lightening storm is not the best idea. I did it all for you (and the guy responsible for clearing the drains here in the neighborhood.) I hope the pictures can help to show just how much water came down in such a short amount of time.

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