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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Survival Sheath Systems Thigh Rig

I got this rig in on Friday from Rob Humelbaugh of Survival Sheath Systems while loading up the car for a weekend trip and gave it a bit of a test while we were at the lake. Everything pictured except the Trangia Cookset fits in the sheath.

The Trangia comes in another carrier but, with just the cookset, I've got plenty of bases covered for an unplanned night in the woods.

Let's see if I can give you a rundown of what's in my sheath.

  • Victorinox SwissTool and Surefire L4 in side pouches

  • Suunto sighting compass

  • DMT Duofold Fine/Coarse stone

  • K&M Matchcase with REI matches

  • Victorinox Outrider

  • Mini prybar from CountyComm

  • Orange Windmill lighter

  • Light My Fire Army firesteel with whistle and Photon microlight

  • Giant Steve Spangler test tube filled with fatwood shavings and wrapped with Gorilla tape and electrical tape

  • Two lightsticks

  • Handkerchief

  • Small hank (12' maybe) of 550 cord

Plus the big honkin' Busse ASH-1 with a Concealex sheath mounted inside the thigh rig.

Everything is mounted to a basic web belt so I can take it off and put it on without having to thread it through my belt loops.

It's heavy when it's loaded. It is also fully adjustable so you can carry the load where it's most comfortable.

I liked having the pommel of the knife right where my left hand would fall naturally (like a gunfighter) and it was easy to draw and put away.

Having all of my gear right there where my cargo pocket would be was very, very handy. I regularly reached into that center pocket with frozen fingers to get some firestarting materials and, when I moved to a knife in another sheath, found myself struggling to find the big center pocket and two smaller side pouches...'cause they weren't on my other sheaths.

Great stuff Rob.

Thanks for reading,



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