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Friday, March 21, 2008

Custom Fallknivens at JRE

Unbelievable! I get enough knives in the mail to outfit a major expedition, my bank calls me to let me know that they've upped my credit limit because I'm such a great customer, and I'm running out of space in my house to store all these blades and the boys at JRE have to go and put up some custom Fallkniven Knives today. At last count there were five F1s and an S1 with probably more coming in...

F1 with Tulipwood Handles

Another Tulipwood F1

F1 with Black Palm handles--my personal favorite of the bunch.

Bocote F1

Cocobolo F1

A gorgeous Desert Ironwood S1

Compare these to my production F1 above. The Thermorun handle is absolutely sufficient (dare I say it's good?) but it sort of pales in comparison to these beautiful natural materials.

You can see them all from multiple angles here at the JRE Industries website. Actually, it looks like they've sold a couple of them while I was here formatting the pictures...

Custom and production leather, sharpening equipment and supplies, private collector sales, and now custom and production Fallknivens...these guys are on track to take over the universe. :)

I wonder what's next for the JRE boys...

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At 2:42 PM, Blogger Mungo said...

Excuse me while I gather some towels - my mouth is watering.

Oh one day I will have one. Oh one day. I like the Cocobolo F1 the best... beautiful! Wow.



At 11:50 PM, Blogger strother said...

Hi i was wondering if i could buy the s1 with ironwood handles
email is


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