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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wool: An Interesting Observation

It is currently 16 degrees (F) and with the wind chill it feels like 7.

I have been outside for the past 30 minutes getting one kid on the bus and the other to school. Never once did I feel chilled and here's why:

I'm wearing lots and lots of wool.

  • An alpaca wool hat

  • A lambs wool scarf from Barbour

  • A Swanndri Ranger Extreme

  • Merino wool gloves

  • Wool Socks

Under the Ranger Extreme I'm wearing a cotton t-shirt. I'm also wearing bluejeans--another cotton no-no.

If I were going to spend the night out I'd definitely want a small fire and some sort of reflector plus a shelter but I'm duly impressed with the performance of the gear I threw on to make the bus on time this morning.

Of course the manic mornings running around probably help to raise my body temperature too...

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