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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just Me and My Thoughts

The hike on Christmas Day was something I've needed for quite some time and I brought along a small notepad and a pen to record my thoughts as they occurred to me so that I could more completely record them.

Walking through the woods I noticed a massive amount of musclewood. Lots of it was small saplings but still good to know such a dense wood was growing just behind the house.

There was enough snow left to clearly identify tracks of deer, quail, opossum, and raccoon. It's hard to age these tracks with the recent wild weather of extreme cold followed by temperatures in the 40s (F) followed by more extreme cold. That snow was frozen like ice in spots and slushy on the edges.

I set up just off the expressway on the second of three berms next to a small stream. A fallen tree provided my seat and camp kitchen.

More tomorrow...

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