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Monday, December 31, 2007

Basic Bushcraft & Survival DVDs

I just received a package from Peter Gawleta of Birchtree Productions containing six volumes of his "Basic Bushcraft and Survival" DVDs and immediately popped one into the DVD player.

Now I'm prepping for a New Year's Eve party tonight so I'm not able to give it my undivided attention but I have to say there are some darned good tips in the first volume.

Production quality is very good, the instructor (Peter I suspect) speaks clearly and concisely, and the video is well laid out to cover a wide range of topics in an efficient manner.

Once this party's under my belt and I can spend some time in front of the television I will watch these straight through so I can give you a more in-depth analysis and review.

So far, I'm extremely impressed with what I'm seeing.

I'm glad to add these to my collection of DVDs from Ron Hood, Mark Baker, Bruce "Buckshot" Hemming, Tom Elpel, Ray Mears, and the rest.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!!



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