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Saturday, January 19, 2008

ML Knives Woods 'n' Bush Knife

It's here!!! The ML Knives Woods 'n' Bush Knife has been in for the past two days and I've been using it for darned near everything and just didn't think to take a pre-use picture. So, it's already got some patina started and a few scratches.

Here are some specs straight from Matt:
handle is about 4 3/4 with a slight palm swell...
tang 1/8"
blade about 4 9/16" with a 4 1/8 cutting edge...
blade width at widest about 1 inch
brass fixtures of course...

I'm really happy with how this knife turned out. It's comfortable to use, light to carry, looks good, sharp, well-executed, not to thick to slice well, and not too thin to chop if it's absolutely necessary.

Some In-Hand Pics:

There's just something about a hand forged knife that really appeals to me. That forge scale may impede slicing performance ever so slightly but this knife will, I suspect, handle any chore I toss at it without a hitch. Time will tell...

Watch this space for updates...

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At 2:01 AM, Blogger sam_acw said...

It looks very similar to the type of knife used by Kephart originally.


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