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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

FBC Fabric Cozies

Now here's a great idea.

I've made a cozy for trail cooking before but I used a couple of pieces of closed cell foam pad and some duct tape--not exactly a posh solution. It works but retains some moisture and smells, can't really be washed without being broken down and reassembled, and doesn't really compact much at all.

These are a much more elegant solution and also solve some of the problems I've encountered with my homemade version namely the ability to wash and compact the cozy.

The idea is to put your ziplock bag of dried goodies into the cozy, add your hot water, close up the cozy, and let the hot water do its thing. The cozy allows your food to rehydrate and still be warm when you eat it. I've had freeze dried meals go cold in extreme temperatures while the hot water was cooking them and it's just no fun eating cold pasta primavera when it's -10 and you're in the middle of a long hike.

It looks like these cozies are all hand made one at a time too. You can't beat a product that fits a need, is hand made by an artisan, and is relatively inexpensive. I'll be placing an order for one of these later today and I'll report back once I've had a chance to give it a few uses.

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