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Friday, July 20, 2007

Fallkniven F1 Update

It has now been a little over a week since I got my Fallkniven F1. I've had it outside a bit and put it to work processing ears of corn for a big party I had last weekend.

Apparently I forgot to wipe it down after I was finished and it now bears a thin layer of goo. Nothing I can't clean up after the fact but I am impressed that there is no corrosion on the blade after five days of being stored in the leather sheath.

The knife arrived plenty sharp and is still more than sharp enough for day to day work in the woods. It could use a good stropping but is otherwise fine.

One of these days, when life slows down just a bit again, I need to get to Dan and Spen at JRE Industries for a new leather sheath. The flap over the top is driving me nuts.

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