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Friday, July 13, 2007

Nuisance Animals--Chipmunks

I've got a houseguest. He's bigger than a mouse, smaller than a squirrel, cute as a button, and my kids have named him/her "Toast" as in, "Daddy's here and now you're toast."

My wife has recently left the garage door open for long stretches of the day and, sometime during one of those stretches, a chipmunk made its way into the garage and has caused me some headaches and left me with some chewed spots, tiny chipmunk poops, and lots and lots of shredded fibers. That means a nest is being built.

That doesn't really work for me.

Today I downsized the 5-gallon bucket trap into a 2 gallon bucket trap and baited it with a dried strawberry hoping that it'll strike gold. Unfortunately old "Toast" just stuck his nose into a mouse trap and has now holed up inside the exterior wall of the garage.

Now we just sit tight and see if a 2 gallon bucket is anywhere near as effective as the 5-gallon bucket has been.

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At 10:22 AM, Blogger Editor said...

you need a chipmunk dog!
i came over from suburban bushwhacker and like your site.
Good luck.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger American Bushman said...

A chipmunk dog would sure be useful.

That chipmunk has already regretted the day he chose my garage as his new home.

A mousetrap is just too small to hurt a chipmunk but it will provide enough of a nuisance to him as to encourage him to find a new place to stay.

He's already set off the traps on his nose twice. When he does that he spends the rest of the day in his hole.

I need to get a rat trap if I'm going to remove him permanently. This modified bucket trap just isn't doing it. He's been in it twice and just manages to climb up the side and out.

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