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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Pocket Load

Holy color correction Batman!!!

I need a photo editor...or else I need to white balance my camera. Wow!

This post began as a result of one of the many threads on one of the many discussion forums where the "What's in your pockets" discussion cropped up. I began to empty mine on to the counter and, lo and behold, here is what I found.

What you're seeing left to right:
  • Duct Tape on a straw
  • Brass K&M Match Case filled with REI Storm matches
  • 12 feet of 550 paracord
  • Bic lighter
  • Victorinox Rucksack with a two-piece keyring containing a Boy Scout Hotspark metal match, glow ring, hacksaw blade striker, and REI whistle
  • Inova X1 flashlight

Add to this the cell phone and Victorinox SwissTool I carry on my belt and I've got quite a leg up on most folks should I manage to lose myself in the woods.

What are you currently carrying in your pockets?

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At 1:40 AM, Blogger Jerry said...

Can you even buy the Glow Rings anymore in the US?

At 7:46 AM, Blogger American Bushman said...

I don't think you can. This one is old enough that it may start to lose some brightness soon.


At 11:19 AM, Blogger tomjones said...

Do you have the contact info to get a K&M matchcase? I have been unsuccessful in aquiring one. I really enjoy your blog by the way, and check it frequently.

At 12:00 PM, Blogger American Bushman said...


Here's the information for K&M Industries, Inc.

K&M Industries, Inc.
Box 168
Elk River, ID 83827

Phone (208) 826-3447
K&M Online

Give them a call for up to the minute inventory.


At 4:00 PM, Blogger Pablo said...

Instead of the normal "what's in my pocket" I'll tell you what was in my pockets when Mrs Pablo made me strip at the front door on return from the tracking course:
SAK, 2 ceral bar wrappers, 6in paracord, drenched notebook & pencil, 4 track sticks (lollipop sticks), mini compass, plastic lighter, pipe, tobacco, phone in sealable bag, choc bar wrapper, mouse eaten nut, carved wooden tea spoon, droppings container (empty), Shadowhawk car pass, til receipt (food on way home), assorted pine needles, leaves and dried mud. Oh yes...a live beetle (unknown type) but I'm not sure if he was in one of the pockets or not.

At 3:52 AM, Blogger Perkunas said...

Hey man,again.

i have been lookin any info about getting one BSA Hotparks,or two,and i happened to stumble on your blog,how surprisingthat you carried one atleast in some point.

Do you happen to know how to get one overseas,from who,thru paypal payment?

At 10:27 AM, Blogger American Bushman said...


Drop me an email:


and I'll get you sorted.



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