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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some updates

First, I want to take a moment to point you to a new blog I've been reading. Torjus' Primitive Projects. I found him through a link on Pablo's Woodlife. He's a primitive skills practitioner and he's done several tutorials on subjects ranging from walking barefoot to making willow baskets.

AktoMan is putting the final touches on his preparation to hike across Scotland. He wrote yesterday that he had ordered and was going to try some pemmican. I've got a meatless pemmican recipe that uses peanut butter, honey, and dried fruit and will provide a ton of calories while being shelf-stable for months at a time. The kids love it, of course, and when I bring it with me to the woods, have to ration their consumption to prevent them from eating 1000 calories of it at a time.

I've got more rain coming in this week. We're already at or above flood levels here on the river so any extra rain or snow upstream is going to be coming through here. More flooded and muddy trails are in my immediate future.

I spent some time with the boys at JRE Industries last night and came away with a custom leather rig for my Sperati. Thanks guys.

I'm in the market for a kayak. My parents have a lake house, my in-laws live on the Atlantic Ocean, and I live on a river. I've been in the market for 10 years and have never actually done the research or pulled the trigger. This will all change in the short term. I was going to get a single-seat model but both kids have expressed an interest in coming along. This means a two-seater will be required. It also means I'll use up more dry storage for "emergency essentials" but I doubt I'll be able to fill the storage wells either way. The adventures will take on a whole new spin once I can get on and across the water with my gear.

There's lots more going on here but I'll save that for I hope to get into the woods for a couple of hours--before the rain.

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