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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Check out his blog here.

I spent some time perusing AktoMan's blog a while back while he was off trekking and have been reading along ever since as he's really pushing the technological envelope with regards to blogging. He's worked out posting to his blog from remote locations and, frankly, I find the possibilities astounding.

It's one thing to blog about the woods but another thing entirely to blog from the woods.

Anyway, he's off to trek across Scotland in a week and a half and I'd like to wish him luck in his endeavor.

Hey AktoMan, if you ever get the urge to have a travelling companion drop me a note. I'd absolutely love to tag along even if only for a short while.

Thanks for reading,



At 7:27 PM, Blogger AktoMan said...

Hi, AB, and thanks for the kind comments (again).

A week and a half! I thought it was longer...ah, whew, yes, it's 2 1/2 weeks away. Don't do that to me, sir!

As to a trail buddy, I've never been to the States (heck, I've hardly been out of the UK), but there are some places I'd dearly love to see.

If you want to email me, there's a an anti-spam-farm link here:

I'm off to a meet in the north of England next month, and hope to spend time in Kielder Forest, camping out there. I haven't had much experience of that, as there isn't much woodland around, for example:

Keep up the good work, and do drop me a line, AB.


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