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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today's hike has been cancelled due to an abundance of water everywhere.

We've had rain and snow and rain and snow and it's caused flood levels on the Des Plaines River (again) which puts lots of standing water in all of the low-lying areas. One trail after another today was cut off either due to mud or standing water.

Places where I'd set up a temporary camp last year are covered in water. I'm not talking about inches of water here but feet.

Strange that the water level has gotten this high and it hadn't really been an issue. It's still a couple of feet below the top of the berm out behind my house so property damage isn't a concern (yet) but getting out into the woods is going to be a wet, muddy affair for sure.

The temperature after last night's rain dropped dramatically too. We had temperatures in the 70's yesterday and it was 30 this morning when I rolled outside for the first time. Whoo!

I did, however, find out that the camera will plug into the new laptop and works just as it did on the old one. That means more pictures from me going forward.

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