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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Netting Shuttle

I've been having a go at carving a netting shuttle using my Bark River Aurora and some scrap wood.

This knife can cut. The biggest problem I've encountered (quite a few times now) comes when carving the cutout at the front end of the shuttle. I get impatient and start to pry out sections of the wood and that, invariably, splits the shuttle at the front end. Darn!

I'll keep trying until I get one made. Once finished, I'll sand it with material from the banks of the Des Plaines River which runs through the back yard. (Let's assume that the rest of the snow's melted by the time I finish one of these.) And then I'll use it to assemble a net made of paracord first and, if I've got the patience, one of natural cordage.

I've been reading quite a bit on primitive skills recently as I've been unable to do much else while afflicted with these darned welts and I've had many an epiphany about making some tools with my knife. So that's what I'm going to do...

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