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Friday, February 02, 2007

Protect those eyes

A few years ago on a hike someone mentioned wearing safety glasses when in the woods. The idea sounded a little crazy at the time but, upon further reflection, isn't so crazy at all.

The woods are full of hazards that seem to be at eye-level and a simple pair of comfortable safety glasses or sunglasses would dramatically reduce the chances of injury. A thorn or a swinging branch could very easily damage the eye, the socket, or even the orbit (the bone surrounding the socket.) That'd complicate your egress from the woods...

I am reminded of this after rough-housing with my daughter last night and getting tagged in the eye for my umpteenth scratched cornea. This is her first time to get me and, perhaps, that's why it happened. It's been my son who has most often stuck a fingernail or other foreign object in my eyeball.

Protect your eyes. You'd me amazed how much more difficult it is to do things when you're down one or two...



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