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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Over the years we've been contacted by charitable organizations asking for donations of time, money, or material. Some of these organizations, as you probably know, are picky when it comes to what they will or won't pick up. I have found two that I use on a monthly basis as they're picking up what I'm donating and, between the two of them, cover everything I've got to donate.

As the kids get older we give away their high chairs, cribs, clothing, etc. We give furniture, electronics, videos, DVDs, and music, and clothing.

More than four years ago I left my job and became a stay at home dad. Since that time I've really dedicated myself to outdoor pursuits like fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. My wardrobe reflects that change and my donations do too. It began with giving away all those suits I hoped never to wear again. The next donation was lots and lots of dress shoes, dress shirts, and ties. The more time that passes between that life and this sees my closet become less and less "normal" or "suburban" and more what you'd see in the home of Nessmuk, Kochanski, Kephart, etc. (Or at least what I'd imagine their closets would look like.)

There's lots of wool, heavy canvas material, insulated pants, heavy boots, wool socks, etc. For the summer there are lots of lightweight hiking/fishing shirts and pants. Oh, there's a growing collection of hats too--Tilley, Filson, Jimi Black's, etc.

Here's the rub:My wife is still a professional and has professional events with her peers and I am obliged to go along. The last "casual" event saw me dressed, in her words, in my "lumberjack outfit." See, I don't have any more "normal" clothes and the chamois L.L. Bean shirt is the dressiest in my closet. I have khakis but they've got cargo pockets on the legs. I have shoes but they've got lugged Vibram soles. All of my socks are wool.

Perhaps I've given away too many remnants of my past life...ah well, the folks that picked up that part of my former life sure appreciated it.

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