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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Swannie Ranger Works

It was windy but dry and the temperature was in the 30s before the sun went down and dropped steadily after. I was wearing a Coolmax T-shirt, a button down shirt, and the Swanndri Ranger as my insulative layer. I wore a Wigwam Thermax hat, cotton pants (yeah, I know,) wool socks, and nylon and leather ultralight hikers.

This combination of clothes, along with an effective shelter and a reflector fire, kept me plenty warm both during active times and times of rest inside the shelter.

The more I wear the Swannie, the more impressed I become with it. I can see light through it if I hold it up but it has been more than adequate for any temperatures I've seen thus far this year.

It held up to sparks from the fire better than my new hooded space blanket which looks like the Swiss Cheese I brought with me. That thing's going to need some serious TLC to get it back to where I'd take it into the woods...

Yesterday I put on my Ranger Extreme which has the addition of a windproof layer and a full lining. As smoky as my Ranger is, the Ranger Extreme may well get the call today.

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