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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Our first temperatures in the 30s and it is 30 degrees. We're under a Freeze Warning from The Weather Channel with a chance of flurries today. That's right--snow.

Forecast high today is 40 degrees so it'll be getting warmer (relatively) throughout the day.

It's a great time of year to be a cold-weather guy. This temperature may require some additional layers atop the Swannie Ranger.

I'm going to break out the metal Wiggy's water bottle for my hike later too. It's quite a bit heavier than Nalgene but I can set it right next to the fire to either melt snow or thaw a frozen bottle without worrying that I'm going to melt my container.

On a side note, I played a bit more with WetFire yesterday and actually got a fire started IN a puddle of rainwater. The bits of tinder floated on the surface and still lit from the first spark of a metal match. When burning, the tinder released some by-product into the puddle that reminded me of gasoline from an outboard motor. Perhaps that means the WetFire was Petroleum based after all? We may never know...

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